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During these very difficult and unprecedented times, all South Africans have experienced various degrees of hardship and stress. For the majority of our people, self-isolation has been no easy task with little or no space to move in one’s home, not to mention the lack of basic everyday needs.

On a more positve note, we are delighted to see that wonderful opportunities have presented themselves for some struggling individuals and their families during this time of adversity. With the latest legislation on the wearing of re-usable masks, this has become a critical piece of personal protection for our 24,000 front line Security officers.

“Beautiful things can happen during difficult times”

– Doo Mabila

In partnership with our SED Ini a ve in Hammanskraal, and overseen by our humble Doc Mabila, we have created an opportunity for five ladies from the Kekana community, to start producing quality re-usable masks from unused / returned uniform, for our men and women who are called upon to perform essential services throughout our struggle as a nation against the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have procured 5 brand new industrial sewing machines and provided the space and materials required to tackle this mammoth task.

The production process is well underway, and its extremely heartwarming to see the ladies tackling this task with such vigour and enthusiasm. Life has given them a purpose, and this purpose will not only contribute towards feeding their families, but also to the safety of our front-line security heroes, who are executing their duties of protecting our customer’s property and assets, with such bravery and pride.

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