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Technology solutions

 By utilising the latest technologies available on the market, we tailor our solutions according to the unique requirements of each of our customer’s environments. We design, install, commission, and maintain various solutions from small and standard systems to large-scale turnkey projects. Our decentralized consulting teams together with technical installation teams across the country are accredited and certified to install and commission most of the leading technology brands and products.  

Our technology solutions include:
  • CCTV solutions which are embedded with AI, including analytics, facial recognition, and vehicle license-plate recognition, 
  • Access control systems which range from simple scanning devices to fully integrated visitor management and biometric recognition systems, 
  • Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), Command & Control and Enterprise Video Management Systems,  
  • Perimeter and Fencing solutions, 
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection solutions which are carefully selected and then engineered to form part of an integrated early warning system. We offer thermal cameras, low-light colour cameras, and fibre/vibration sensing, all of which can be integrated with automated deterrents such as audio equipment, lighting, and pepper spray. 
  • Critical Infrastructure solutions designed to monitor and maintain endpoints, 
  • On-site and Remote Monitoring of events through Alarm and CCTV systems,  
  • Our NOC (National Operations Centre) handles around 3,000 events, every day through a team of highly trained operators. 

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