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GIJIMA TRIUMPH: Transformative Milestones Achieved

Gijima, our training academy nestled in the heart of Pretoria North, has consistently been dedicated to shaping futures and making a positive impact. Recently, we marked a significant milestone as we celebrated the accomplishments of 27 remarkable young individuals hailing from Carnavon and neighbouring towns in the Northern Cape.

Under the expert guidance of Dolf Scheepers, our Guarding Managing Executive, and the Western Cape guarding team, these youths successfully completed their GSO theory and PSIRA grade training, culminating in a heartening pass-out parade.

This event not only signifies their academic achievements but also serves as a beacon of hope for the communities they represent.

The group will soon embark on the next phase of their journey in Carnavon, Northern Cape before heading to Cape Town for the practical component of their learnership.

The atmosphere at Gijima was filled with dignity and emotion, as the learners expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the life-changing opportunity. Many of these individuals have faced prolonged periods of unemployment, with limited prospects in their localities. However, their potential and talents are undeniable, and we eagerly anticipate the positive impact they will undoubtedly make on our business and beyond.

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